Total project management from start to finish:

We’ll be there with you in every step, till the end.

From project inception to final punch lists, we manage every detail of your flooring installation to ensure a smooth project and a quality floor. Project planning, material procurement, logistics and installation — our experienced team oversees it all. We provide a dedicated project manager and experienced highly trained teams on every big project.
At all of our locations, we have a dedicated staff with decades of experience and knowledge of the latest flooring trends. Our experienced team can help you achieve your design vision and realize the greatest value for your floor.

Project Planning:

Get the best floor for your budget, design and facility

We have a dedicated team with high discipline for addressing how to complete a project in a specific timeframe, usually with defined stages and designated resources. Project planning is essential to every phase of a project. First, we lay out the basics of a project, such as a scope, objectives, goals, and schedule beforehand. Then, we divide project planning activity into setting measurable objectives, identifying deliverables, scheduling, and planning tasks. Planning enables project managers to turn an intangible idea into reality.

Specification and design:

Flooring for your design vision

Whether you require expert assistance specifying the best flooring materials or already have complete specifications, we can meet any design vision. We’ll show you samples of different materials and ensure you start your project with the right solution. We keep a close eye on the latest flooring trends and can guide you in selecting materials that look great and offer the best of what’s available today.

Testing, moisture mitigation and surface preparation:

We save you headaches by doing it right the first time.

We identify and address risks before your project begins, taking single-source responsibility for both preparation and installation. Our team ensures you get the right floor for your facility — one that lasts for years to come.


The right floor, in the right amount at the right price

We evaluate your project plans and identify the quantity of flooring you’ll need, providing you a clear picture of cost. With our value-added estimations, you can make value-based decisions about the best flooring materials for your project and facility.

Product care and maintenance:

We help you protect your flooring investment

To attain the greatest value from your flooring, you’ll need a dedicated maintenance plan. For some flooring materials, quarterly or bi-annual cleaning is enough to ensure your flooring lasts and looks great for years to come. Other materials require a more comprehensive, dedicated plan. We help you determine what’s best for the long-term value of your flooring. Depending on your location, flooring and facility, we can coordinate your flooring maintenance and product care.

Our Promise:

We promise we will provide the result to the best of our ability.

We promise complete value for money. We are committed to delivering quality work. During the course Of the project, we expect honest feedback about the way the project is progressing, Which will help us improve or correct ourselves and deliver better quality of work.

Epoxy Wall Coating:

We help you protect your flooring investment

Our fluid-applied wall coating products are intended to repair, preserve, and beautify concrete and other substrates while increasing the value and performance of commercial and industrial structures. We are committed to developing long-lasting wall-coating materials that are simple to maintain and can survive complicated circumstances by providing resistance to chemical assaults, abrasions, and discoloration. Epoxy wall coatings give various new and existing surfaces a smooth, seamless finish.

Esd Floor:

It is durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

In principle, ESD floors are needed in places with explosive atmospheres and substances (gas, vapor, spray, liquids, dust, explosives, fireworks) In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. All active electronic components and equipment, such as microchips, integrated circuits and machinery, are sensitive to ESD events. Even when areas and people are equipped to handle such ­static-sensitive devices, inadvertent contact and damage can still occur.